Success Stories

360-Degree View of Customer

Pharma CRM Strategy

A small Pharma company needed to build their commercialization capability for their first product launch. This company had a small operations team and needed to define their CRM strategy efficiently.

Everest worked with this company to define their CRM approach and system requirements, as well as performed the technology selection in order to meet this customer's unique needs. We also provided advisory services regarding data and business processes related to a successful product launch. In addition, Everest also performed early-stage data analytics support.

This project yielded multiple benefits for the customer: they were able to see a 360-degree view of their customers through this cross-functional CRM approach, the CRM solution supported multi-channel marketing and non-personal promotion, and the sales and marketing teams were provided with high-value customer profiles created from multiple data sources.

Not only did Everest's solutions result in an extensive list of benefits to our customer, we also delivered the solution in time for the product approval; our solutions did not hold up the product launch schedule.

Completed Transition Without Interruption to Services

New Product Acquisition Support

A mid-size Pharma company was in the process of acquiring an existing product in a new market with the intent to re-launch and grow the brand. This acquisition required support in several areas: actual product acquisition, integration of the product, how to minimize the impact on the patients, changes to their speciality sales force, and establishing a call center and distribution model.

Everest developed a support solution that addressed all their needs. To assist with the product acquisition, we were a part of the acquisition team from the due diligence phase to the post-deal transition of data and services. For the customer's sales force, we created a performance reporting datamart for both sales reporting and incentive compensation. We also established an outsourced Reimbursement Services and Distribution Model, which included Rx reporting. On top of that, we built a Field Reimbursement Specialist CRM system. And the best part of our solution was that there was absolutely no interruption to physician or patient services during the transition.

The customer benefited in a number of ways from our support solution. First, we provided the capability for a sales incentive program at the time of the product re-launch in order to re-energize an established brand. Second, we enabled weekly pushed reports to the field sales team. These reports included both de-identified patient approval progress as well as new therapy starts at the physician level. And this report was available by the time the customer was planning to re-launch the product. Finally, the entire compliant product transition was completed with no interruption of patient or physician services.

Established a Corporate "Memory"

Market Intelligence Portal and Wiki

As a top-5 Pharma company began a cross-functional business intelligence project, it became clear to them that the awareness of market events varied widely among departments. This meant that their Managed Care, sales operations, brand teams and channel marketing teams were not on the same page -they each had different levels of knowledge of historical events in their markets.

Everest's solution was two-fold: create a Market Intelligence Portal to hold all of the market intelligence data; and within the portal, create a wiki to hold relevant information and articles relating to the data. We created the Market Intelligence Portal for the customer for the publication of market intelligence data; this also included current and historical market data for the customer's own and competitor's products. The wiki we built for the customer allowed them to have a place for users to document and publish information regarding scenarios, anomalies and other market events that influenced brand performance.

Creating the portal filled a major need for our customer, but the real benefit was in the creation of the wiki. The customer could now establish a corporate "memory" of market situations and adjust documented knowledge over time. They created roles for content editors, who were able to build linkable wiki articles, as well as manage the articles relationships, visibility and expiration. Team members could also post comments and feedback to published wiki articles, and customer departments across the entire organization were able to perform full-text searches in the wiki for account, product and market intelligence data.

Gaining New Insights From Current Data

Managed Care Account Analytics

When a top-5 Pharma company was restructuring their managed care sales force, they also decided to refine their managed care strategy. As they were reviewing this strategy, a number of questions, as well as conflicting theories, about how managed care accounts work began complicating strategy definition. This company turned to Everest to help navigate the data in order to find the best strategy to move forward.

In order to get a better understanding of the customer's data, Everest analyzed hundreds of accounts and products in dozens of markets, all over a 5-year window of data. During our analysis, we performed advanced data mining on a custom data warehouse of account sales and tier change observations. We were also able to perform iterative data transformations; correlation and regression models; segmentation models; decision trees; neural networks; and clustering algorithms - all of which allowed us to see exactly how the data was acting.

Our analysis provided the customer with a wealth of information that they were able to use to help shape their managed care strategy. First, the customer was able to define influential accounts that drove business regionally. Additionally, the customer gained account insights to either prove or disprove long-held theories. These insights allowed for a more efficient deployment of resources to focus on influential accounts.

Maximized Sales Effectiveness

Customer Alignment Engine

Everest helped a customer maximize sales effectiveness by minimizing redundant calls among co-promotion partners. This customer had recently merged and was expanding their sales organization; this required them to coordinate three sales forces, all while complying with a set of complex alignment rules. Their current CRM package could not handle this complexity, so we created a custom alignment engine for them.

In addition to the custom alignment engine, we also built automated QA processes which performed multi-salesforce alignment based on variable business rules, and we provided outsourced quarterly alignment services. We then fed all of the alignment results to a Siebel CRM system, reporting data warehouse, and incentive compensation systems.

We addressed the customer's main issue by crafting a custom-built solution which effectively maximized sales while reducing call redundancy among co-promotion partners.

Saved Customer Over $20 Million

Managed Markets Forecasting and Modeling Tool

A top-5 Pharma company came to Everest with a problem: they needed to know how a new tier status would impact their sales forecast. This customer was entering a period of heavy competition, generic entrants, and Managed Care contract negotiations, and they needed a quantitative, predictive model for account forecasting and scenario analysis.

It was a complicated business problem, but Everest had the answer. Our customized solution included three items: a custom data warehouse, a custom modeling application, and a web portal. The data warehouse allowed the customer to bring together syndicated account sales data, account affiliation data, and formulary data. Now that the data was in place, the customer was able to utilize the modeling application to generate "what-if" scenarios which allowed them to evaluate and forecast account volume using expected variables. On top of these solutions, we also provided a web portal for the customer's master data management, cube and report viewing, as well as tracking forecasts over time.

We provided a complex solution, but the benefits to the customer were simple. Using the tools we created for them, the customer could now predict account volumes accurately in mere minutes when given input parameters. And market and account analysis which previously took months to perform could now be completed in hours, or even minutes; greatly reducing analytic expenses.

Not only did Everest's solutions for the customer save them time, we also saved them money: $20 million to date.

Up and Running In Under 8 Weeks

Pharma Co-Promotion Repository

 A small Japanese start-up Pharma company was new to the United States and was launching their company, sales force, and product simultaneously. The timeline to their launch date was short, and because of their limited internal resources, they needed support for a new co-promotion deal with a large Pharma partner.

Everest helped this customer through every step from start to finish: we were an active participant in the Joint Marketing Committee which developed the co-promotion agreement and strategies; then we built and operated their co-promotion repository datamart. This datamart exchanged sales activity in a pay-per-call model; provided target matching services; and generated sales, operations, finance, and partner reports.

And we did it all in under 8 weeks.

The quick delivery was not the only benefit for this customer; the repository also enabled: target matching among partners; timely reporting of direct selling expense and fast realization of operating revenue; rapid launch of co-promoted product and sales force; and a quick start-up for additional co-promoted deals based on the system's scalability and flexibility.

CRM-Integrated E-Commerce

Enabling Growth in Professional Education

A customer in the Continuing Professional Education industry was seeking a new e-Commerce and customer management solution for their continuing education services.  They were selling a variety of educational products on various web properties or by phone.  They had no single view of their customer and worse yet, a customer may have to visit two sites to buy different products, so their customer had no single view of the vendor either.

Everest built an e-Commerce solution that sells and delivers their professional education content over the web, as well as a customized on-premise Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution that gives them a complete view of their customers.  The CRM solution was then extended to include Marketing Automation for direct mail and nurture campaigns that maximize the utilization of the education materials. In addition, customers were scored for recency, frequency and value, and segments were defined to drive automated marketing campaigns.

Our customer was able to expand their business, attract additional investors, and enter new markets.

Start-Up Web Presence

Gaining Credibility with a Professional Web Presence

A start-up company in the industrial supply market was having a successful launch with continuous sales growth in their first 2 quarters.  But they needed to establish a web presence to gain credibility from their customers, particularly the accounts payable department of a large municipality.

We built our customer a clean, responsive web-site, including five pages and a newsletter subscribe feature in less than five days. 

As a result, their sales team has increased confidence calling on larger prospects, their customers can view their product categories, and they're proud of their brand and the exposure it is receiving.

New to Digital Marketing

Last Minute Campaign Generates ROI

A small restaurant, located on a busy main street in the county seat, was intereted in growing their business during the holiday season.  They had never done email marketing and didn't know where to start, and the holidays were approaching quickly.

Everest developed a marketing concept for holiday lunch parties, designed the marketing materials, and executed an email campaign to local businesses in less than two weeks.

The customer saw a significant growth in party bookings within two days of the campaign launch and now wants to continue email marketing on a monthly basis.

Physician CRM for Non-Profit

Improving Pediatric Outcomes

The PA chapter of a national pediatric non-profit needed a custom CRM solution to enable their programs to track interactions with physician offices and staff.

Everest built a custom CRM solution with processes and reports specific to the programs operating at the chapter.  The system also supported import and export of data to/form the national-level organization.

The non-profit was able to enhance their tracking of program interactions with physicians and produce data to support additional grant applications.


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