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Up and Running In Under 8 Weeks

Pharma Co-Promotion Repository A small Japanese start-up Pharma company was new to the United States and was launching their company, sales force, and product simultaneously. The timeline to their launch date was short, and because of their limited internal resources,...

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Saved Customer Over $20 Million

Managed Markets Forecasting and Modeling Tool A top-5 Pharma company came to Everest with a problem: they needed to know how a new tier status would impact their sales forecast. This customer was entering a period of heavy competition, generic entrants, and Managed...

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Maximized Sales Effectiveness

Customer Alignment Engine Everest helped a customer maximize sales effectiveness by minimizing redundant calls among co-promotion partners. This customer had recently merged and was expanding their sales organization; this required them to coordinate three sales...

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360-Degree View of Customer

Pharma CRM Strategy A small Pharma company needed to build their commercialization capability for their first product launch. This company had a small operations team and needed to define their CRM strategy efficiently. Everest worked with this company to define their...

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New to Digital Marketing

Last Minute Campaign Generates ROI A small restaurant, located on a busy main street in the county seat, was intereted in growing their business during the holiday season. They had never done email marketing and didn't know where to start, and the holidays were...

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