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I tend to use Google a lot. Every time something interesting pops into my head, I Google! Recently, I came across an interesting stat about the amount of time we spend at work. I‘ve read several stats that say the average person spends more time at work than at home.

It was all worth it


Changes happen all around us every day. Some changes we can control while others we can’t. It’s weird when you think about it because no one likes change. Once you get into a habit of doing things, you tend to stick to that habit because you feel that it is the best way to do things. Naturally, with change comes fear. The biggest fear is learning how to do something differently.

It's back football fans


For football fans, it really doesn’t get any better than this time of year. As summer winds down, we head straight into the best five months on the calendar. The anticipation of each weekend grows larger and larger as fall slowly turns into winter. Friday night lights, Saturday afternoon and night college football, and of course the best day of a football weekend, NFL Sunday.



I am truly blessed to say that I have traveled around the country quite a bit for work. I have been to multiple cities for different client meetings and national conferences. Some cities have been better than others. The ones I like, I have gone back to personally to enjoy the city even more. Cities like, San Diego, Phoenix, Chicago, Tampa Bay, Miami, Dallas, have all been great but there is one city that sticks out in my mind. To me the best city in the country, outside of Philadelphia, PA, is Nashville, TN.

Give yourself a shot


As a diehard sports fan, I am constantly checking the latest standings or rankings to see where my team falls. Week to week, month to month, I am watching my team either rise or fall. As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, you can imagine the stress and disappointment I have gone through in recent years. Every year all of Philadelphia gets excited, “This is our year!” When January comes around, we are all watching playoff football but our Eagles are nowhere to be found.

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