Customer Alignment Engine

Everest helped a customer maximize sales effectiveness by minimizing redundant calls among co-promotion partners. This customer had recently merged and was expanding their sales organization; this required them to coordinate three sales forces, all while complying with a set of complex alignment rules. Their current CRM package could not handle this complexity, so we created a custom alignment engine for them.

In addition to the custom alignment engine, we also built automated QA processes which performed multi-salesforce alignment based on variable business rules, and we provided outsourced quarterly alignment services. We then fed all of the alignment results to a Siebel CRM system, reporting data warehouse, and incentive compensation systems.

We addressed the customer’s main issue by crafting a custom-built solution which effectively maximized sales while reducing call redundancy among co-promotion partners.

Technologies used: Siebel eBusiness, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), QAS

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