Everest Customer Solutions is excited to announce that we are officially a Veeva Services Partner for the Commercial Cloud.

Everest already has years of experience helping our customers in the life sciences industry implement Veeva products. Our customers range from biotech startups to top-five biopharma enterprises, and primarily operate in rare disease, specialty pharma, precision oncology, and gene therapy. We have helped them bring Veeva products, including Veeva CRM and Veeva Network, to their organizations.


Veeva Services Partner

Becoming a Partner

This year, Everest finally took the plunge and decided to see if we have what it takes to be a Veeva partner. A few of our team members spent weeks completing preparation and training on Veeva CRM and underlying Salesforce.com. Soon after, our team members took the Veeva CRM Administrator exam and passed! Business analyst Gabi Umstead said of the experience, “I never expected to become a Veeva CRM White Belt Certified Administrator, but I’m glad I did. The training was a great opportunity for us to understand the capabilities of Veeva CRM so we can better serve our customers’ needs.”



Now, we are proud to be a certified Veeva Services Partner in the Commercial Cloud space with certifications in the service categories of Business Process Strategy and Implementation Support.


Everest’s Services

Leveraging 25 years of experience, Everest uses our industry knowledge to help our customers determine the best products for them and create a plan for implementing those products. Read more about our strategy consulting and our data and technology framework on our website.

Everest’s experience as an implementation support partner with Veeva is just as extensive. As an end-to-end technical solution provider, Everest has helped multiple customers implement Veeva CRM products, integrate and manage data, configure solutions to fit business rules, validate systems, and perform analytics and reporting.

Veeva and Everest Customer Solutions share a vision of enabling the life sciences industry to bring new therapies to market faster. Everest is looking forward to our partnership with Veeva as we continue to pursue additional product certifications to enable us to join them in making this vision a reality.

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