Pharma CRM Strategy

A small Pharma company needed to build their commercialization capability for their first product launch. This company had a small operations team and needed to define their CRM strategy efficiently.

Everest worked with this company to define their CRM approach and system requirements, as well as performed the technology selection in order to meet this customer’s unique needs. We also provided advisory services regarding data and business processes related to a successful product launch. In addition, Everest also performed early-stage data analytics support.

This project yielded multiple benefits for the customer: they were able to see a 360-degree view of their customers through this cross-functional CRM approach, the CRM solution supported multi-channel marketing and non-personal promotion, and the sales and marketing teams were provided with high-value customer profiles created from multiple data sources.

Not only did Everest’s solutions result in an extensive list of benefits to our customer, we also delivered the solution in time for the product approval; our solutions did not hold up the product launch schedule.

Technologies used: Siebel eBusiness, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server 2000

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