Pharma Co-Promotion Repository

A small Japanese start-up Pharma company was new to the United States and was launching their company, sales force, and product simultaneously. The timeline to their launch date was short, and because of their limited internal resources, they needed support for a new co-promotion deal with a large Pharma partner.

Everest helped this customer through every step from start to finish: we were an active participant in the Joint Marketing Committee which developed the co-promotion agreement and strategies; then we built and operated their co-promotion repository datamart. This datamart exchanged sales activity in a pay-per-call model; provided target matching services; and generated sales, operations, finance, and partner reports.

And we did it all in under 8 weeks.

The quick delivery was not the only benefit for this customer; the repository also enabled: target matching among partners; timely reporting of direct selling expense and fast realization of operating revenue; rapid launch of co-promoted product and sales force; and a quick start-up for additional co-promoted deals based on the system’s scalability and flexibility.

Technologies used: Microsoft SQL Server 2000, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Microsoft Office

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