Market Intelligence Portal and Wiki

As a top-5 Pharma company began a cross-functional business intelligence project, it became clear to them that the awareness of market events varied widely among departments. This meant that their Managed Care, sales operations, brand teams and channel marketing teams were not on the same page -they each had different levels of knowledge of historical events in their markets.

Everest’s solution was two-fold: create a Market Intelligence Portal to hold all of the market intelligence data; and within the portal, create a wiki to hold relevant information and articles relating to the data. We created the Market Intelligence Portal for the customer for the publication of market intelligence data; this also included current and historical market data for the customer’s own and competitor’s products. The wiki we built for the customer allowed them to have a place for users to document and publish information regarding scenarios, anomalies and other market events that influenced brand performance.

Creating the portal filled a major need for our customer, but the real benefit was in the creation of the wiki. The customer could now establish a corporate “memory” of market situations and adjust documented knowledge over time. They created roles for content editors, who were able to build linkable wiki articles, as well as manage the articles relationships, visibility and expiration. Team members could also post comments and feedback to published wiki articles, and customer departments across the entire organization were able to perform full-text searches in the wiki for account, product and market intelligence data.

Technologies used: SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery

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