Customer Relationship Management

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An over 8x ROI on CRM Projects Makes the Investment Painless

CRM is a foundation for improving Customer Experience

  • Integrate web forms for lead capture into CRM
  • Post social media content from your blog
  • Manage email subscriptions for newsletter and promotions
  • Automate your email marketing
  • Segment customers based on sales or responses
  • Measure campaign returns and responses by segment
  • View your business health on an Executive Dashboard
Customer Relationship Management Everest Customer Solutions

Benefits by Business Function


  • Close deals faster
  • Manage contacts, leads, and territories
  • Enable pipeline analysis
  • Improve sales processes
  • Track activity


  • Track appointments
  • Track service cases and outcomes
  • Verify service entitlements
  • Improve customer service
  • Schedule service resources


  • Automate and track campaigns
  • Target prospects and customers
  • Measure campaign results
  • Manage marketing lists
  • Enforce standard messaging


  • Monitor health with dashboards
  • View complete customer history
  • Standardize business processes
  • Manage work assignments
  • Track opportunities and orders

Our CRM Technology Approach

Start with a Capable CRM Platform

Everest prides itself on being technology agnostic–meaning we use the tools that best fit your business model.

Today’s CRM software landscape is full of capable, feature-rich tools. Selecting among them can be difficult since the differences are subtle.

For most situations these days, we base our solutions on and Veeva, which have a competitive price, capable base configuration, and nearly infinite customization and integration opportunities.

Extend the
Platform and Veeva have a rich marketplace of extensions that can add capabilities with minimal configuration:

  • Marketing tools like ClickDimensions and Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Third-Party Mailing Interfaces
  • Third-Party Line-of-business Add-Ins
  • Feature and Function Utilities.

By carefully considering the add-ins first, we can reduce overlaps and conflicts while optimizing solution effectiveness.

Configure and

Modern CRM platforms support creation of custom data entities, fields, relationships, forms, and processes. Any business process can be captured in CRM by mainly configuration.

With our Sherpa Middleware we can quickly integrate data from virtually anywhere.


Cloud and/or Veeva are available in the cloud.

Completely Customizable

Adding fields to accounts and contacts takes minutes. Creating custom entities and business processes can simplify your CRM and enable your unique business processes.

Complete Customer Tracking

Track all customer data, activity, and interaction in one place. Throw away that box of business cards and paper files.

Easy to Integrate

Perhaps the best feature of CRM is its flexibility. We can integrate CRM with virtually any system or data source through data services, web services, and other technologies. The possibilities are endless.

Mobile and Tablet Apps

Dedicated apps for iPad, Surface, and iPhone allow you to work where you are. Mobile enabled websites for all mobile devices.

Visualize CRM Data

Visualize any CRM data as an interactive chart with the click of a button. Drill-through data visualizations enable self-service analytics.

CRM is at Home on Any Device

Modern CRM is available in formats for any device. This allows your mobile team members to see just what they need when on the road and maintain full access, even when they don’t have access to a computer.

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CRM is at Home on Any Device Mac Desktop
CRM is at Home on Any Device MacPro
ipad2 tablet CRM is at Home on Any Device
iPhone Smartphone CRM is at Home on Any Device

User Experience Streamlining

Hide all unused features and content to simplify the UI for one or all classes of users.

Mobile and Tablet

Dedicated apps for iPad, Surface, and iPhone can be customized for your data fields and custom entities.

Web Services Integration

Web services APIs enable interfacing to a world of sites, services, and data.

Integrate to ERP

Integrate customers, products, prices, and orders to QuickBooks or any ERP System.

Completely Customizable

Add custom fields to built-in entities, completely custom entities, and business processes to support them.

Create Dashboards and Charts

Visualize any CRM data as an interactive chart with the click of a button. Dashboards of charts can be assembled quickly.